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Beautiful templates

Impress your potential customers with a good-looking email. You can choose among many templates and customisations.

Reach new customers

Email marketing is the best way to engage with people who still don’t know you and your business. Show them what you do!

100% deliverability

No more failures or diversion towards spam folders when sending your precious emails. Everyone will get your message.

Increase your ROI

Marketing can be expensive, but not when it is successful, so make your investments meaningful with good emails.

Low monthly price

Enjoy all the advantages of good email marketing for business with one of the cheapest services on the market.

Send emails quickly

If your database is particularly populated, and the server gets overloaded, your emails may be delayed. Not with us.

Why you should have an email strategy

Everybody talks about social media marketing, but there is still a big disagreement around the metrics that should be used to measure ROI. That's probably the reason why email marketing is still marketer's best friend on the internet, especially if we consider that 74% of marketers who operate in B2B sector state that direct marketing is decisive for the success of their campaigns.

In this picture, having an email marketing strategy is not just a matter of ROI, but it is a matter of success or failure, and it affects your business as a whole. We are here to make sure you plan the most accurate email marketing strategy you can get.


Reach your business goals with eMailConvert

Many companies think they don’t need goals in communication, and they believe they just have to be there to be noticed, but the truth is that, just like a person is noticed for their charisma, a company must have a certain charisma. Especially on the Internet. Avoid communicating without having goals is your first goal. Communicating using the best means, is the second.

eMail Convert will help you reach your business goals with its tools and a team of professionals very customer-focused, with well trained skills, and a long experience in marketing.


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